Berrynews – Indosat Ooredoo, mobile operator with 69 million subscribers, cooperates with Advan in marketing 4G LTE. Joy Wahyudi, Director & Chief Sales & Distribution Officer of Indosat Ooredoo, says collaboration with Advan aims so that the society and subscribers enjoy 4G LTE network with affordable service plans and devices.

“This initiative becomes part of our attempt in supporting the government program to realize digital Indonesian society. We will continue developing and providing DNA (device, network and application) which becomes increasingly affordable for the society,” Wahyudi said during the signing of bundling cooperation with advan in Jakarta, Wednesday (12/23).

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Best tablets for kids and toddlers

Berrynews – According to recent studies, however, tablets don’t pose any serious threat to the healthy development of children. In fact, in turns out that the tablet can actually be a great tool for learning and for training developing minds. As with most things in life, the trick is getting the balance right. With all of this in mind, it’s now time to talk about the best tablets for kids:

  1. Amazon Kindle Fire HD Kids EditionIf you’re looking for the best tablet for your kid, you should probably start your search with the Amazon Kindle Fire HD Kids Edition. Both the 6-inch and the 7-inch versions of Amazon’s latest Kindle Fire HD series can serve as a base for a Kids Edition variant. What’s different with these kid-oriented variants is that they come with enhanced parental controls, a kid-friendly bumper, as well as a range of apps, book, and games that cater directly to your kid’s needs.
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Berrynews – First and foremost is the Material Design refresh. And we say refresh because we’re not actually introducing any new features just yet. We’re splitting this new era of development for our app — for all the Mobile Nations Android apps, actually — into several phases. And this first one was to get the basic Material Design work out the door. we’re thrilled to introduce you to Version 2.0 of the Android Central App.

It’s not perfect. The Material Design purists among you will note a few things that aren’t quite right. We’re well aware of that and pushed a few fixes off to the next phase, which will involve a larger refactoring of the code base. We’ve also got a few known issues. The wallpaper gallery needs some serious love. We’re still chasing down the repetition in the forums. (As well as a few other gremlins on that front.)

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